Surfing vs. e-foil

Surfing and E-foiling are two water sports that have similarities and differences. For example, both sports are practiced on a board that glides on the water, but unlike surfing, the E-foil has an electric motor and a wing-shaped keel that allows it to rise above the surface and fly, this is Easier to learn compared to surfing and although both offer a unique sensation of adrenaline and fun, practicing E-foil will be much greater since the experience of flying over the water is added.

Surfing requires the energy of waves to propel itself, while the E-foil can work in flat water, with little swell or even with large waves: it is controlled with a wireless controller that regulates the power of the motor, and the direction It changes with the weight of the body. Surfing depends more on the surfer’s ability to read the waves and perform maneuvers.

Last but not least, one of the big differences is that with E-foil you choose where you want to go, it doesn’t matter if it’s out to sea, towards a nearby islet or if you want to go to the cove that is close to you, to That’s what we call flying free!

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