Practicing E-foil

Practicing E-foil is a great option if you want to enjoy an exciting experience, you will be able to reach high speeds, which will allow you to enjoy the adrenaline of speed and the wind in your face.

As a jetsky instructor / monitor and also E-foil I see many advantages when practicing the second, such as:

The E-foil is much lighter and lighter, which makes it much easier to transport and maintain since it does not have many parts, besides this, it does not consume fossil fuel and you do not have to worry about constant maintenance. When you are doing the activity, you will not be stunned by the noise of the engine and you will not bother those around you either, the E-foil is extremely silent, so it makes you feel part of the harmony of nature. I see it as a great advantage to be able to travel the entire length of the island, cove by cove, corner by corner, being able to move very agile on land with the equipment and very fast in the water riding on it, when you are flying you will go much higher than the Jetsky and your vision panorama will be much better and wide, in turn, by not making annoying sounds you will be able to enjoy the fish swimming around you in many moments of the practice. I highly recommend doing this activity in Mallorca, due to its surroundings and weather conditions.

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