FAQ & Safety

Because safety and understanding are important !

Extremely! Check out our videos below to see just some of the technology designed around your safety. Fliteboarding is an amazing, incredibly intuitive, safe and fun sport.

No. In fact, eFoiling is entirely possible and much more fun at slower speeds. Generally, eFoiling occurs between gears 3-5 between speeds of 12 km/h – 20 km/h.

our instructors will be with you every step of the way until you find your own comfortable speed.

Don’t worry, our instructors will be with you at all time, however, despite the fact that each participant is equipped with a PFD – Personal floating device (life jacket) , rider must have at least basic knowledge of buoyancy and swimming, to practice this and any other nautical sport.

The session lasts approximately 2 hours from the preparation and the first instructions to the end of the practice.

 Everything is provided by Fliteschool Mallorca, but you can bring a towel, sun protection and a lot of desire to have fun.

No. Most of the time you will be out of the water surfing and flying. For when you are not, depending on the time of year, we will provide long wetsuits.

 3mm – 5mm, in all sizes.

In Mallorca we enjoy sea water temperatures whose average throughout the year are:

January – March 15 degrees Celsius

April                      16 degrees Celsius

May                       19 degrees Celsius

June                       23 degrees Celsius

July                        26 degrees Celsius

August                  27 degrees Celsius

September           26 degrees Celsius

October                23 degrees Celsius

November            20 degrees Celsius

December            17 degrees Celsius

If you have booked a boat trip, you can bring a companion and devices on board with you.

If the session starts from the beach, keep in mind that your belongings will be left on land and we will be practicing at least 200 meters from the coastline. It is very important that you focus on the learning and experience of Foiling.

Don’t worry, if asked, our instructors equipped with the newest Gopro cameras, will take care of capturing videos and images of your best moments.

Thanks to the good conditions that Mallorca island offers us, we generally have small bays protected from the wind and waves located very close to you, where you can do the practice with favorable conditions; If we do not find these conditions, a member of our Fliteschool Mallorca team will contact you in advance to arrange a more suitable day/time/beach.

Without an instructor we cannot promise you anything.

With an instructor from Fliteschool Mallorca, 97% of  all our riders foil on their first experience.